The home of the Kossobudzki Family (3 Maja Street)

Stanisława Sławińska before the WW II, collection of Hanna Śliwińska

Marek Edelman during the German occupation, photo from the book „I więcej nic nie pamiętam” by Adina Blady-Szwajger

Ryszard Kossobudzki (Richard Cossby), photo from the book „Silent hero” by Rita Cossby

The educational path "Trail of memorial sites"

In this house belonging to parents of Ryszard Kossobudzki – a soldier of the Home Army, 10 persons of the Jewish origin found a shelter in the apartment of Stanisława Sławińska. Also, Marek Edelman and the members of the Jewish Combat Organisation were hidden here after the Warsaw Uprising. They stayed in Grodzisk Maz. until the end of the German occupation.