The railway station (ul. 1 Maja Street)

Railwaymen during the WW II, collection of Grabowski's family

Members of Railway's Security, 1945, collection of Willa Radogoszcz

Railwaymen at the station, 1937, collection of Willa Radogoszcz

The educational path "Trail of memorial sites"

During the first days of the war here was the helping point for Polish soldiers. The conspiracy unit of the Home Army at the railway station was formed at the beginning of 1940. Besides training within using a weapon and explosive materials, distribution of the underground press and protection of the travellers from raids, the participants of the railway conspiracy performed an intelligence and sabotage actions. After the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising they brought help to the citizens being expelled from the capital city. At the end of the war, the railwaymen prevented from destroying railway facilities mined by withdrawing German army.