The “Execution Site” statue (Wolności Square)

Statue commemorating heroic fight of Polish soldiers and martyrdom of Polish people during 1939-1945, 1970, photo by S. Deptuszewski

Execution site, photo by anonymous author on the day after the execution, 19th November 1943, collection of Willa Radogoszcz

Cross at the execution site, 1945, collection of Willa Radogoszcz

The educational path "Trail of memorial sites"

The statue localised in the execution site (execution was carried out by German occupants and 20 prisoners of Pawiak were shot) was unveiled on 1966. A symbolic mausoleum is dedicated to people fighting for freedom of the country during 1939 – 1945. In 1989, the urn with the ashes of Polish soldiers murdered in Katyn was folded here. In 1998 the statue was supplemented with plaques commemorating the merit of the soldiers of the Home Army and the victims of the Soviet bombing of the city on the 16th of January 1945 and the names of persons who were shot here.